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Trips to India: when, where, and why

India is a large, densely populated country with an ancient history and a unique rich culture. Despite the fact that the standard of living in this state has been quite low for many years, tourists come here every day. People from all over the world come to India to enjoy its natural beauty, to improve their health in the resorts and to heal the soul in the ashrams. This Asian country has a unique flavor that does not leave anyone indifferent.

Population and cities of India

India is a large country, which has long been ranked 2nd in the world after China in terms of population. Despite the fact that most of the country's citizens are traditionally engaged in agriculture and live in rural areas, there are many large cities in it. Of those that have reached the one million mark, there are as many as 46. 11 localities are home to over 2 million people. The capital of Delhi, as well as the largest Indian city by area - Mumbai - can accommodate more than 10 million people each. After these 2 cities, the most populous places are recognized as Bangalore, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Kolkata, etc.

The population of India is truly diverse, because it consists of people of as many as 200 ethnic groups! They speak 447 languages, within which 200 more dialects are distinguished. Fortunately, the language barrier prevents native Indians quite rarely: during the years of colonization by Great Britain, the English language “took root” in this country. Now it is the second state language, and almost everyone speaks it in one way or another.

Tourism in India

India is truly a land of contrasts. Luxury and poverty, spirituality and extreme, modernity and antiquity have been intertwined in it thickly and inextricably for centuries. Despite the abundance of problems in the state (the economy is in decline, sometimes missing infrastructure and imperfect ecology), it has long been a center of attraction for tourists from all over the world. On the territory of India, lovers of mountaineering and beach holidays, observing the fauna and walking around the cities, affordable shopping and sanatorium treatment will find interesting things for themselves.

Real connoisseurs of recreation in India can immediately advise new tourists dozens and hundreds of places to spend time. However, the most lively and popular are only a few:

Delhi is a bustling and colorful capital. It contains a lot of ancient buildings (Qutub Minar - the highest minaret in the world, the Gate of India-an arch in the spirit of the East, the Red Fort-an ancient sandstone fortress, the tomb of Humayun-a luxurious mausoleum). The old part of the city on its narrow streets hides ancient houses and cozy cafes, the new - business centers, skyscrapers and museums;

Agra is the location of the legendary Taj Mahal. There is also Fatehpur Sikri (the city of mosques) and another Red Fort-larger and more authentic than in Delhi; Mumbai, or, as it was called before, Bombay - the world's famous capital of Indian cinema with all the traditional infrastructure for this sphere. There are also many clean and well-equipped beaches in the city; Kolkata (formerly Calcutta) - the ancient capital of colonization by the British. In memory of the conquerors, there are a lot of buildings in a variety of European architectural styles that look quaint against the background of objects in the Indo-Islamic spirit. The city has many museums, still regularly hosts exhibitions, book fairs, etc.; The coastal state of Goa is a real center of beach holidays in India. The northern part of it was chosen by young people: there is the cheapest possible infrastructure, a lot of secluded, wild beaches, an abundance of hostels, night clubs and extreme entertainment centers. South Goa is a presentable resort with exemplary service and expensive hotels for wealthy tourists; The state of Kerala is almost a continuous Ayurvedic resort. In this paradise with the gentle warm sea and wide beaches covered with fine white sand, it is so easy to heal the soul and body! those who are looking for privacy, maximum contact with nature, the opportunity to observe the rich fauna of the country should go to the reserves. These are the Nicobar and Andaman Islands, the coral islands of Lakshadweep.

Season to visit the country

As already mentioned, India covers a huge territory, and its area covers as many as 7 climatic zones. The weather in the country is subject to seasonal changes, during the year dryness and heat are replaced by sometimes daily showers and times of relative comfort with neutral temperature indicators. For different types of holidays and visits to different parts of the state, experts advise you to choose different months: the beaches of Goa and Kerala are waiting for tourists from October to May, when there are no showers and the humidity is acceptable; it is best to walk around the cramped Delhi whenever you want, but not in the summer - during the most intense heat; If you want to visit the Himalayas, you should choose July and August-the months with the most comfortable weather; the whole of Central and Northern India is visited in mid-autumn - early spring; The best time to visit the Ayurvedic resorts of Kerala is during the rainy season - from June to early September.


In the vast territory of India today, you can find hotels not only for every taste, but also for all price categories. The system of “stardom “ familiar to Europeans is not used in the country, but there are still classes of institutions: the cheapest accommodation - beds in simple hostels or private homes, light mini-houses on the coast, rooms in modest hotels-are most popular in North Goa. There are also many inexpensive options in Delhi and Mumbai, of course.; rooms in middle-class hotels are most often in demand in the largest cities, as well as in diving centers on the islands; Close to five-star hotels, high-quality hotel services can be easily found in South Goa, Delhi, and also in Kerala. There are a lot of hotels and clinics, where Ayurvedic practices are carried out in fashionable terms; maximum luxury can be found in the elite heritage hotels, which are very few across the country. They are, in fact, located in the real ancient palaces of the maharaj.

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